Kefdrill KD133 GH JOHN DEERE 6068 HF (160kw)

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General information

  • ID 24B00007
  • Make Kefdrill
  • Type KD133 GH JOHN DEERE 6068 HF (160kw)
  • Year 2007
  • Operating hours 5.875
  • Construction Drilling rig
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Vehicle identification number 070113321
  • Weight 20.000 kg
  • Length 865 cm
  • Width 250 cm
  • Height 310 cm

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Damages: none

existing pipes on the machine: COD91 - 3'', 4M pipe, 50 pieces (200m)
Engine/Type: John Deere 6068 HF 485
Power: 160 kW at 1500 rpm
Fuel: Diesel (tank capacity 600 liters)
Compressor Type: Wabco
Max pressure:7.5 bar
Main winch cable Type: 19x7 swing arm
Diameter 6mm
Tensile strength 1960 N/mm2
Max pulling force 6 kN (600 kg)
Tracked chassis Type:TG-12.0/SB1/600/11/3414
Width:2400 mm
Height:600 mm
Track width:600 mm
Swivel range:360°
Trolley cables Type: 6x36 WS + steel core
Max load pull up:64 kN (6400 kg)
Max load pull down :57.8 kN (5780 kg)
(Main dimensions)
Max length in transport position 8.65 m
Max width in transport position 2.50 m
Max height in transport position 3.10 m
Max working position length 7.88 m
Max working position width 2.50 m
Max height working position 9.79 m
Max turning radius 5.3 m
Spacing 2 outriggers for :1980 mm
Spacing of 2 outriggers at the rear 2260 mm
Spacing of 2 outriggers along 5030 mm
Mass 20 tons
Load-bearing surface per stamp 707 cm2
Ground pressure caterpillar 550 g/cm2
Max clearance angle of tracks 20 degrees
Max angle of inclination of lance towards 30 degrees
Hydraulic tank Capacity 440 liters
Pump 1 Type Closed system plunger
Max pressure 360
Pump 2 Type Closed system plunger
Max pressure 320 bar
Pump 3 Type LS plunger
Max pressure 210 bar
Pump 4 Type LS plunger
Max pressure 210 bar
Pump 5 Type Gear pump
Max pressure 175 bar
Pump 6 Type Gear pump
Max pressure 21 bar
Pump 7 Type Hand pump

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