Impulse SIP 150-6

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General information

  • ID 22P00155
  • Make Impulse
  • Year 2022
  • Construction Water pumps
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Weight 1.555 kg
  • Power kw 19
  • Power hp 26
  • Length 233 cm
  • Width 104 cm
  • Height 150 cm

Technical information

  • available with any desired quick coupling.
  • Can be used immediately
  • Float switch (start/stop system)
  • in stock!
  • NEW and UNUSED!
  • Screw (channel) pump impeller
  • Self-priming (dry, vacuum assisted)
  • Spare parts available, usually in stock
  • Suitable for pumping surface water / construction site water
  • SUPER silent housing (SUPER quiet)
  • Supported by van vacuum pump

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New generation Impulse SIP 150-6 dirty water pump. This new Impulse dirty water pump is equipped with a reliable Stage 5 Hatz diesel engine.
The Hatz power source fully meets the current emission requirements.
Built in a super sound-damped housing. This pump is equipped with the latest ecomizer-pro control unit.
The ECOMIZER-PRO is an emission-reducing and fuel-saving pump/motor
control that automatically adjusts the speed of the diesel engine according to the
amount of supply of the fluid to be pumped.
It offers the mobility of a diesel powered pump set, but gives the flexibility of
a fully frequency controlled electrical set.
Pump sets controlled by ECOMIZER-PRO lead to a
significant emissions reduction and fuel savings up to 55% in
comparison to equivalent equipment without this control technique.
The ECOMIZER-PRO also automatically generates an extensive logbook with data
about the use of the pump such as running hours, running days, hours until next
maintenance and warnings or alarms when exceeding (adjustable)
The vacuum pump of this pump set does not always run, it is fully controlled by the ecomizer-pro control.
It only runs when necessary.

max. Flow : 388 m3/h
max. head : 32 MWK
max. Dirt passage : 90 mm

Throughput capacity: 388 m3/h
Max dirt passage: 90 mm
Motor brand: Hatz
Max. head: 32 MWK
Max dirt passag: 1800 rpm
Weight: 1555 kg

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